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Viral Marketing Academy Audio Training System - A Complete 50 Minutes 54 Seconds!
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By now (and from the looks of this letter), you've definitely hazard a correct guess that in order for you to achieve maximum profits with minimum marketing effort, you need to tap into the unlimited power of viral marketing concepts through my Viral Marketing Academy.

You'll do well to leverage Viral Marketing and have the word spread out about you, your products and services beyond the borders you ever dreamed possible.

But what rewards can viral marketing bring you? Perhaps the same rewards it brought the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).

Viral Marketing Success Story:
Houston of Natural Science (HMNS)

The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) was the one chosen to showcase the world-famous Exhibition for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. HMNS quickly realized that while the exhibit was expected to generate a great deal of interest, it didn't have a lot of appeal for their core audience. The success of the exhibition, therefore, would rest in how it was marketed.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science quickly called in Spur Digital to help reach the targeted demographic audience and generate interest in the Exhibit. HMNS was, also, hoping to acquire new patrons and members to further their future revenue...

Spur digital worked with HMNS to identify the target market for the campaign and developed an integrated online media plan to reach those audiences. The campaign featured an online contest that was marketed through targeted online media outlets including relevant Web sites, Search Engines and third party E-mail lists. Viral marketing was an important component of the campaign, so Spur developed an innovative strategy to get people to refer their friends.

Spur identified the target audience as males 18 to 34 years old who were fans of action and fantasy films, frequent video game players and movie renters, tech-savvy who generally didn't hang out at museums. Based on this information, Spur chose search engine advertisements that would accompany specific search words, dedicated e-mail advertisements, sponsored e-mail advertisements, banner ads on web sites targeted toward the desired audience, and e-mails to the HMNS list.

Did it work? You bet! The results were excellent... The impact of the viral marketing effort was astounding - over 23% of registrants originated from the Tell-A-Friend feature. The direct marketing efforts yielded impressive results as well. In total, the 12 week, locally-targeted online campaign yielded more than 2 million targeted impressions, 40,000 unique visits, almost 12,000 and 6,000 invitations sent by friends at a cost per action of less than $3.00. These contributed to the record attendance of almost 100,000 over 3 months.


A truly inspiring story, isn't it?

It's even better because it's real and you can generate similar buzz for your product and service too.

Imagine, how many sales and targeted prospects you can reach if you can take advantage of viral marketing today?

Finally you can achieve your own long overdue, astounding and desired success online!


Look no further than these powerful audio course that will show you How to tap into one of the most potent marketing weapons ever invented!

Don't you ever sell any more products until you have completed this timeless, unique audio course on viral marketing!

If you must leverage viral marketing, then learn to do it right!


Here's a sneak peek of what you'll get from this 50 minutes 54 seconds exclusive Audio Session:

+ Viral Marketing Academy +
Here's a Sneak Peek of the Contents in this 50 Minutes
54 Seconds Audio Session:

Viral Marketing Academy Audio Course Pak!

This sure will take your niche marketing efforts to the next level as you begin to strategically implement these viral marketing tactics into your products development and promotion cycles...

Featurific Tip Of The Iceberg:

  • The "Buzz" Concept and How to Create it like a massive bee hive before your project launches!
  • How to give your info product a unique competitive edge and make it go viral, passing from hand-to-hand, hard drive-to-hard drive, spreading the word about you and your business!
  • Leverage e-mail marketing and How to Create a mad house of buzz within your mailing list!
  • The power of blogging to spread out the word like a virus and ultimately spur people on to continue the transmission of the viral effect!
  • How to use newsletters and practice a little-used viral marketing tactic that will hypnotise people to allow you into their wallets upon sighting your every sales pitch!
  • How to generate a controversy around your product and service among close friends and business contacts!
  • The great incentives for people to rave about and spread the word about your business (in a non-affiliate programme)
  • The mechanisms of viral marketing that keep people talking about you for months well into the future!
  • And lots more! - These are just a few tips of the iceberg!

Personal Consumption Rights Included!
($4,997 Value)

What’s Included In This Package:


Viral Marketing MP3 Audio Course File you can listen to on your computer or Ipod player. Start listening and gain a wealth of action-packed viral marketing information!


Access To PDF Transcript File. you can view with any PDF reader and also print out. Provides how-to instructions for generating massive buzz for your info products from time to time.

Ready To Sell Package

Fully-Optimised Plug-&-play webpage with professional graphics. Professional sales copy, HTML website, graphics, order form and even thank you page have already been created for you!

Professional Graphics Pack

Access to a full-blown professional product & web graphics Pack. Includes professionally designed, beautiful cover & web graphics pack in various formats (.jpg, .gif, .png) - no need to hire any graphic designers yourself!

What You Can Do With This Package:

  • Start Generating Massive Buzz Around Your Products and Services



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Viral Marketing Academy Audio Course Pak!



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Tolulope Adeyemi,
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Tolulope Adeyemi
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P.P.P.S. Should you have any questions OR support-related troubles, feel free to message me immediately citing your challenges and possibly including the screenshot of the problem along with your message.



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We do not purport this as a �get rich scheme.� Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills.

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